Safe Tourism in Albania as a Source of Income

Travel and tourism industry in Albania can be characterized by its archaeological heritage, from Greek, Roman, and Ottoman to Illyrian times. Its mountainous topography, Cold War Era artifacts, unspoiled beaches, Albanian cuisine, hospitality and affordability offers a complete package to the globe trotters. And this is what perhaps works wonder for the country. In fact, sites like Lonely Planet have confirmed Albania as one of the best destinations to visit. Similarly, the New York Times has ranked the country fourth among fifty two places to visit. Even though it is still underdeveloped, the country is prepared to make its debut worldwide while celebrating its independence.

Bulk of foreign tourists from countries such as Kosovo, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden and Montenegro, flock into Albania. Also, tourists keep coming from the Western European countries like Belgium, France, Netherlands and the UK. Tourism in this country is a booming industry with hundreds and thousands of tourists visiting each year. Moreover, Greek tourists have increased largely since the crises.

Albania is quite a safe country with friendly people everywhere. While being here, you must spend some time with the locales. The first time travelers are, however, recommended to consult print or online publications and travel forums before setting out for the journey. Else, simply choose making booking through a local tour operator. There are a few packages that include Balkans as well. Backpackers and travelers with Camper Vans prefer staying at guesthouses or camping along the coasts. Speak to a local tour operator to know about the best hotels or guesthouses or check online. However, a local operator will be able to tell better if you need to pay anything for resting in the countryside or along the coast in your van.

Income Opportunities

Not only archaeological sites, seaside resorts and historic towns, but Albania has much more to offer. If you are looking for some adventurous sports, then you can enjoy rafting, canoeing, cycling, hiking and mountain biking. Bird watching is also a growing trend. However, if you wish to taste some smooth drinks, the entertainment district of Tirana offers ample. Visit the nightclubs here and you can get indulged in good wine tasting. And when you are in Albania, you simply cannot keep yourself away from a de facto journey using Albanian railways.

Be it city to city transfer, pick and drop facility to and from airport or simply city tour, there are car rental agencies to bank upon. Also, there are many tourist information centers from where you can get travel details if required. Similarly, dental tourism has become quite popular as there are many local dentists who offer great services at lower prices. As for food, you can taste the typical Albanian cuisines from the traditional restaurants that are mostly located in the agro-tourism areas and near the tourist attractions.

Precisely, tourism in Albania has opened up many income opportunities for the locales, finally contributing to the GDP. Growth of small and medium-sized businesses is seen and more development is expected in the near future. But then, in a recent report it is found that Albania is yet to achieve their target in the tourism industry. The probable reason behind this could be issues like poor road conditions, illegal hunting or construction and uncertain land ownership. Well, the reason behind these issues is Albania’s long isolation. Apparently, it will take some time to overcome.

However, measures are already implemented to mitigate these problems. In some of the major coastal and mountainous areas, water supply facilities have been reconstructed. Also, private sectors as well as foreign donors are making investments in accommodation. Historical sites are being renovated for restorations. Additionally, seasonal charter flights are making their way to the Tirana International Airport for better transportation. Big businesses are showing their interest in investing in construction of tourist resorts.

Whether you are planning a solo trip or a family trip, keep Albania on the list. You will totally love witnessing its biological diversity and its culture. In fact, in the past few years, a lot of solo travelers have been seen around. The people here are very welcoming and helping. You might not need to find an information center as the locales will let you everything that you need to know about the country.

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