Italy And Albania: The Ever Tightening Neighborly Bond

Italy And Albania: The Ever Tightening Neighborly Bond

The relationship between Albania and Italy continues to grow yearly. Our partnership started years back as you will read in the article.The past one year has witnessed visits by high-ranking government officials from both countries meant to further strengthen ties. Our respective governments have strived for a close partnership in political and business circles.

Newest venture – Growl Boyz

Growl Boyz - New Venture

With the rapid increase in popularity of adult gay entertainment, Italy and Albania are happy to announce the upcoming release of Growl Boyz. It’s going to feature historical cult from Rome, with today’s interpretation of the secret celebrations it cherished. We are talking about homosexual acts within society members that are put in today’s digital era. It’s pretty certain to be a huge success. More information about the series is going to be published on dedicated website –

Venture exchange – Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys

Missionary Boys

With sudden abandonment of the growling boyz project we are happy to announce the rebranding of Mormon Boyz series. Starting today it’s being called Missionary Boys, a place well-known to connoisseurs of gay erotica. These naive and hot boys are becoming missionaries thanks to series of gay activities ordered by the secret priesthood and elders residing there. Sounds interesting? Maybe it has no direct implications to bonds between Italy and Albania, but given the culture of medieval Italy you can find a hint or two.

Our President’s official state visit to Italy

Last year, our President Ilir Meta paid an official state visit to Rome to meet Italian President Sergio, Matarella. During this visit, a host of bilateral issues were discussed ranging from the warm support Italy has extended to us. Our leaders also vowed to further increase our economic and trade partnerships. Italy also pledged support for us regarding EU integration.

Fight against corruption

To further strengthen the fight against corruption, early this year, The National Anticorruption Authority of Italy head, Raffaelle Cantone, visited us. We saw him meet high-profile government officials such as the Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Interior Minister Fatmir Xhatfaj and Justice Minister, Etilda Gjonaj. Our discussions were about issues relating to transparency and public tenders to enhance the co-operation of our countries in fighting corruption.

Pre-electoral Italian delegation

Just before the Albania parliamentary elections on 25th June 2017, Our President of the National Assembly invited a PACE pre-electoral Italian delegation led by Paolo Corsini(Italy, SOC) in Tirana. The group was able to meet with major stakeholders in the electoral process such as the Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, political party leaders, and representatives, media representatives amongst others. We heard their speeches emphasizing on electoral reforms that will ensure a free and fair electoral process where the independence of the electoral body is respected. Additionally, our guests said that all the political parties should adhere to the electoral laws to guarantee accountability and credibility in the outcome.

 Voting rights of our Albanian diaspora in Italy

This year, Pandeli Majko, our Minister of State on Diaspora, met Italian officials in his visit to Italy. I learned the discussions were about the needs of the significant Albanian population in Italy, considering the community is second-largest living in the country. Our Minister urged the Italian government to grant Albanian Diaspora the right to vote. Further, pledges were made to boost the cooperation in carrying out joint economic projects.

Encouraging Italian investment

Italian investors were given a major boost in February this year, during a workshop entitled “Protection of Italian Businesses in Albania.” The focus of the event being pushing for the joint co-operation of Albanian Institutions with Italian businesses. I heard the Deputy Director General of Taxation, Xhavit Çurri, appreciating the great economic impact of Italian entrepreneurship to us particularly in the manufacturing sector. I remember he mentioned positive measures the government has taken with regards to taxation so as to create a favorable business climate for the Italian businesses. We can also look up the investment opportunities available.

I can see the political goodwill shown by both the Italian and Albanian governments to protect and strengthen our already solid bilateral ties. We see this as having a significant positive impact on the economic growth and political stability of both countries.

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