A Recap Of Albanian Cinema Week in Rome

A Recap Of Albanian Cinema Week in Rome

The film festival that took the best of Albanian film scene to Rome started on April 4th under the name of “Albania, Si Gira”. The Casa del Cinema was the chosen place and from the 4th until the 7th, a crowd could appreciate the best movies in current Albanian film.

Nubiles ET – The Big Premiere

Nubiles ET - TV Shows in XXX PerspectiveNubiles ET which is Entertainment series of Nubiles studio is having a big premiere this summer and we are proud to write a word or two about it. It touches the very trendy popculture thing of TV shows and all the visual entertainment that you could see on all the digital platforms. The case with Nubiles ET is a little bit different, though. It focuses on making one step further into storylines of the shows. What would happen if the main characters stepped into the wild side of their lives? This is what you are about to find out and the best thing is that all episodes are available for streaming!

All films were shown in its original language.

The Best Albanian Films

All films were shown in its original language. These are some of the films that got the best reception in the audience:

  • “Amanet” (2014) by Namik Ajazi
  • “Lulëkuqet mbi mure” (Red poppies on walls) (1976) by director Dhimiter Anagnosti
  • “Lindje Perendim Lindje” (East West East) (2009) by director Gjergj Xhuvani
  • “Gjeneral Gramafoni” (The general gramaphone) (1978) by director Viktor Gjika
  • “Letra ere” (Letters in the wind) (2003) by director Edmond Budina
  • “Njeriu me top” (The man with the cannon) (1977) by director Viktor Gjika
  • “I dashur armik” (Dear Enemy) (2004) by director Gjergj Xhuvani
  • “Bota” (The world) (2014) by Iris Elezi and Thomas Logoreci
  • “Koncert ne vitin 1936” (Concert of 1936) (1978) by director Saimir Kumbaro

Another hugely acclaimed event was the stage reading given by Eliza Çoba under the title “Il mio zio italiano” (My Italian uncle). The movies have subtitles in Italian for those who want to enjoy original audio and understand conversations.


The organization of the festival is a joint effort of the Cultural Pro Art Association with Fabio Bego as the main ideologist and the artistic direction of Nensi Bego, the Albanian Embassy in Rome and the Central State Film Archive among other organizations.

As part of the Albania & Italy relations and in the words of Culture Minister Elva Margariti: culture is the best diplomatic passport of the countries.

Italian government officially invited all population not to miss the week of Albanian cinema as a way to get closer to Albanian film culture.

The week of Albanian cinema is not the first and very likely not the last one.

Future Collaborations

After this festival ends, both governments will put on series of free screenings of films made in post-communist cinema with little budget as well as well-known propaganda films from years before.

After the screenings there will be discussions with representatives from Albanian and Italian sides such as writers, directors, musicians, historians, screenwriters and different scholars.


The week of Albanian cinema is not the first and very likely not the last one.

Relationships between Albany and Italy are solidifying and it is the best moment to enjoy the culture richness of each country.

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