Albania – Why Is Eastern Europe The Place To Go This Year?

Albania – Why Is Eastern Europe The Place To Go This Year?

Are you planning a vacation this year? Well then, you have come to the right place. When you are bitten by the travel bug, exploring a new place can get you excited. But, when it comes to deciding the location, things can go haywire. Most websites or travel agents usually encourage you to hit the popular tourist destinations. But the real beauty lies in the less explored places as they remain unadulterated and raw, which can make the experience all the more beautiful.

One such enthralling destination is Albania in Eastern Europe. It is a country in the Balkans, with approximately 3 million residents. The country has a rich history as it has been a part of Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire, and The Ottoman Empire, until it achieved its independence in 1912. And another fascinating trivia about Albania is that it’s one of the few traditionally Muslim nations in Europe. That being said, Albania is diverse as you will find agnostics, atheists, and even Catholics. In this beautiful country, mixed marriages are a common sight. Albanians enjoy long walks, sipping coffee in a café, and nightlife.

Why Visit Albania?

One of the most important reasons to visit this country is that it is extraordinarily beautiful. Since the country is still explored and not crowded by tourists, you can peaceful explore the country and soak in all the beauty. The Albanians honour their guests and are extremely nice as long as you reciprocate the feeling.

List of a few places to visit in Albania:

  • Albanian Alps – The scene view is picturesque and will definitely take your breath away. The mountains form the border between Albania and Montenegro.
  • Theth – Located in North Albania, it is a village and National Park.
  • Albanian Rivera – The waters are crystal clear. You can explore unspoiled beach and tranquil villages. This Mediterranean coastline is just like it was before and is untainted.
  • Dhermi – It is one of the finest beaches and the best place for camping.
  • Butrint – If you are a history buff, this place is a must visit. It is the largest archaeological site from the Greek era in Albania.
  • Durres – It is one of the oldest and ancient cities.
  • Ksamil – You will find this wondrous place on the edge of the Butrint National Park.

Apart from these destinations, there is so much you can do in Albania. There are several destinations that will take your breath away, where you can let yourself go and relish the exotic beauty of the country. It will truly rejuvenate your senses.

Sis Loves Me

Sis Loves Me - Made in 2016

Sis Loves Me – Made in 2016

This series is really something in Albania. While you couldn’t be more wrong about it, locals love the fantasy of stepsisters & stepbrothers together. This is the ultimate goal of Sis Loves Me – to give you all the answers to these awkward moments. The concept was born 3 years back but it still continues to be the number 1 genre of adult entertainment worldwide. Albania is no different!


When it comes to the climate, lowlands have mild winters and average summers but the fluctuations in the climate are seen constantly. Daytime maximum temperatures can be high in the interiors and the river valley; however, the nights are extremely cool.


Foreigners no longer have to pay any visa charge to enter Albania. You will have to pay €1 road tax for the first 60 days of your stay and later, you will have to pay extra €1 each day. It is important that you keep the receipt with you as you may have to show it to the guards while exiting the country. But you don’t need to worry. The Albanian guards are known to be very nice and do their best to help you out.

How To Reach

Mother Teresa International Airport is located in Tirana, the modern capital of Albania. Just 15 minutes away from the city, it is a huge and a modern terminal. It is not possible to enter the country via train, but you can make use of the train to travel within the country. You can make use of the buses that run from from Turkey, Athens, etc.


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