About Us

Are you willing to migrate or want to invest in Albania? Our website offers detailed information regarding Albania, from its political and social news to economic development. We understand how important it is to have an idea about the economy of the country before making a decision to invest in it. We, therefore, make sure to keep our website updated with the latest Albanian news.

We have been working since years now to support the Albanian authorities in the development of the country. In the last twenty years, the country has gone through a major change while moving towards political and economic stabilization. In order to ensure economical as well as social growth, Italy has engaged in projects that are related to multiple areas of intervention.

There are many NGOs taking active participation in educating the Albanian women and giving them job opportunities. In fact, a number of merchants are taking interest in the economy of the country.

If you are looking for scholarship opportunities or need information about some ongoing projects in Albania, then we are here to assist you. Our website is full of latest news, updates, events and programs conducted in different parts of Albania. However, if you are thinking of investing in the Albanian market, a brief study of our website will give you an idea whether it is the right time for investment.

How Do We Help?

We value those who show interest in Albania. To assist them in migrating or investing in this country, our website provides information about:

Albanian past and present economic conditions
Italy’s cooperation
Expected socio-economic development
Organizations that are investing in different sectors
Events and programs conducted for the betterment of the society
Job opportunities
Industries that are creating a rage in the Albanian market
Tourism in Albania
Places to settle

We work with a team of skilled content writers who create write-ups based upon the latest events and news. They make sure to keep the content lucid and error free for better readability. They make sure that the information is hundred percent credible.

Apart from covering news about the organizations investing in the country, these writers also do write-ups on the different sectors, especially the tourism industry. With the growth in the tourism industry, a lot of SMEs have sprung up, like car rental companies and tour operators.

As for the organizations, you can expect to know everything, from their day of inception to their turnover. We give you information regarding the steps these organizations are taking to contribute to the GDP of the country.

Our Mission

We work with the mission of educating the potential investors and immigrants about Albanian market. Our website is therefore brimming with pages featuring relevant information. However, the travel and tourism write-ups are just a part of the broader exploration of the present-day Albania.

Not only present, but our writers have a good understanding of the past. We have a separate page that highlights each Albanian sector, including health, environment, private sector development, transport and logistics and energy and production systems. It is because of the organizations today that Albania is booming with job opportunities in almost every sector.

Moreover, our event gallery section will give you detailed information about the recent conferences, wok and education fair, business dealings and agreements signed. And for those who have been looking for scholarship programs, we have allotted a separate page with information of courses from renowned universities. Similarly, our news page will keep you informed about the recent incidences going in and around Albania.

Our website do have a section for completed project that gives you a brief idea of what has happened and what is yet to take place. Additionally, you will be provided with detailed information about Albanian regulations and foreign policies.

Our creative team has therefore brought the best of their skills to the table ensuring an easily navigable web page, interesting content and reliable information. We think that all of these would assist you in making an informed decision. If you still have any query, please do speak to our executive or you can visit us in person.