Completion of construction of Tirana 2 Substation
In the frame of the programme for the electric system, the Italian Development Cooperation has allocated € 90 million with the aim to adapt the system to European standards and to integrate it to the Balkan electric power network. Specifically, the construction works of Tirana 2 Substation, an important facility designed to distribute electricity in an efficient manner, were carried out by Ansaldo T&D, an Italian company leader in the field of energy transmission and distribution. The video shows the realization phases of this infrastructure and his potentialities to enhance the efficiency of the Albanian power system.

Supporting Albanian Health System Reform
In the framework of the programme “Supporting Albanian Health System Reform”, the Italian Development Cooperation has promoted campaigns to raise awareness on the rights of people with diseases and to inform the population about care services in Albania. For this purpose, a commercial has been produced in collaboration with USAID in order to promote the activities of family doctors. The commercial has been broadcast on News 24 for the entire month of February 2011.

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