Completion of Construction of Tirana 2 Substation
July 5, 2011
In the frame of the programme for the electric system, the Italian Development Cooperation has allocated 90 million with the aim to adapt the system to European standards and to integrate it to the Balkan electric power network. The construction of Tirana 2 substation represents one of the infrastructure milestones envisaged by this program, besides the high voltage power line Elbasan-Tirana (already completed) and the Dispatching Center for remote control (in pipeline). The works, amounting to over 20 million, were carried out by Ansaldo T&D, an Italian company leader in the field of energy transmission and distribution. The substation is a facility designed to raise/lower the power transmission voltage in order to distribute electricity in an efficient manner and, at the same time, to supply neighboring countries in case of energy surpluses. The initiative has been conceived and implemented in conjunction with the Albanian counterparts, the transmission system operator (TSO) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy.The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for July 2011 at the presence of Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, the Italian Ambassador, Saba D'Elia, as well as the top management of TSO and Ansaldo T&D.The video, shown in the multimedia section, presents with further details the potential benefits of this new piece of infrastructure for the electricity sector.

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