4 Luglio 2016
Vacancy announcement for the selection of an Italian Senior Expert to work on the Italian-Albanian Programme of Integrated Assistance for the Development of Albanian SMEs (IASME)

24 Maggio 2016
The Technical Support Unit of the “Italian-Albanian Debt for Development Swap Programme - IADSA” is seeking a qualified candidate as Finance Officer

13 Maggio 2016
The Italian Cooperation supports the promotion of Albanian Protected Areas: new destinations for birdwatching and for sustainable tourism

25 Aprile 2016
‘Biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Albania’ - international conference, promoted by the Italian Cooperation in collaboration with Sapienza University, held at the Botanical Garden of Rome.

3 Marzo 2016
OSCE Presence, Italian Government and Albanian Government launch new project on protecting children from trafficking and exploitation

23 Febbraio 2016
International Open Procedure of procurement "Information System for administration support of policy implementation based on costs by diagnosis (DRG Diagnosis Related Groups) for hospital health" - IADSA

3 Febbraio 2016
Request for Proposal - Design and realization of museological exhibits for the Buna River Protected Landscape and the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park visitor centres in Albania.

13 Gennaio 2016
The NATURA 2000 project supports participation of NAPA staff at the International Water bird Census in Albania in coordination with national and international experts.

2 Dicembre 2015
Project "Supporting the anti-corruption measures in Albania" - Information campaign under the slogan Show the Face of Corruption.

19 Novembre 2015
Project "Strengthening national capacity in nature protection - preparation for Natura 2000 network " - Launched "The Strategy for the protected areas in Albania"

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