Most of the Italian NGOs arrived in Albania during the humanitarian emergency of the 1990s and then decided to stay, taking root in the country and contributing thus in the development of local NGOs and associations.
More than 20 Italian NGOs are active in Albania, including Acli-Ipsia, Avsi, Caritas Italia, Celim, Ceses, Cesvi, Cies, Col’Or, Comunit?  di Sant'Egidio, Cospe, Engim, Fondazione Emmanuel, Iscos, Labor Mundi, Lvia, Magis, Oxfam Italia, Papa Giovanni XXIII, Save The Children Italia Onlus, Vides and Vis. They work through financing from Italian Cooperation and other donors throughout the country, playing a fundamental role in assisting and completing the actions of the government and local authorities in ? understanding the needs of the population and?  consolidating relations with civil society. Italian Cooperation is currently funding 3 projects promoted by the NGOs ENGIM, Save the Children and VIS/CESVI. The main sectors concerned are agriculture and rural development, health, support for the weaker and marginalised sections of society and the promotion of the social enterprise model. The initiatives financed are generally aimed at improving the living conditions of the population, through making the best use of local resources, supporting social policies, developing the educational system, improving primary services, safeguarding human rights and promoting culture and equality. The cooperation between the Office of Italian Cooperation for Development and Italian NGOs in Albania has strengthened over time thanks to?  constant efforts at coordination.

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