Some Italian Development Cooperation's projects seen through the lens of the photographer Roland Tasho
Message from the Ambassador

The long-standing Italian Development Cooperation commitment for Albania reflects the deep friendship between the two countries. The Italian Cooperation is acting in a number of areas, aligning its interventions to the national and sector strategies adopted by the Albanian Government and designing them in coordination with the other donors. With a financial commitment of 300 million Euro and with more than 70 initiatives, Italy is today the second bilateral donor and overall the third after the European Union and the World Bank. The Italian Development Cooperation supports the ongoing processes of institutional strengthening and socio-economic growth and assists Albania in its path to European Union membership, as stated in the new Development Cooperation Protocol for the years 2010-12. The projects are agreed on a multiannual basis and are focused on rural development, infrastructures rehabilitation, improvement of socio-sanitary services, Small and Medium Enterprises financing and, more generally, on private sector development. The projects offer a participative approach, with particular attention to the gender perspective and environmental protection and with the active participation of the Italian local governments through the decentralized cooperation and of the Italian and Albanian civil societies through the NGOs. I express my appreciation for the activities carried out by the Italian Development Cooperation Office of this Embassy and for the constant and qualified support assured by the General Directorate for Development Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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