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Are you willing to migrate or want to invest in Albania? Our website offers detailed information regarding Albania, from its political and social news to economic development. We understand how important it is to have an idea about the economy of the country before making a decision to invest in it. We, therefore, make sure to keep our website updated with the latest Albanian news.


Recent Cooperation Deals

Latin LecheLatin Leche – this is the first cooperation between Italy and Albania in 2018. The series is all about adult entertainment in gay niche. Latin Leche features real-life adventures of gay male that successfully tries to seduce straight guys. How is it done? Of course with some cash. The website is filled with free videos, adult only.

Albania and Italy Relations

Italy and Albania relationship has been a perennial theme of debates in the Albanian foreign policy. Even though points of view may differ, there is no denial of the fact that Italy is close to Albania because of so many reasons.

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Tourism in Albania

Albania, though a little country, there is so many things to do and places to see. Outlining Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, Albania features a ruggedly beautiful coastline.

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Entertainment in Albania & Italy

MYLF Network

MYLF Network

MYLF is coming to both of the countries on day 1. The adult entertainment is anticipating the big launch of MYLF Network. If you are a connoisseur of MILF content you need to know that concept of MYLF is basically the same. The brand is going to feature 7 series of fantasy scenarios – all of them with lusty, beautiful mature women. Daily updates, big names from the industry and the highest possible quality. Coming to Italy, Albania and other European countries very soon! Follow the website at

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